Meet The Sheroes

Taking “made with love” to the next level, 100% of the jewelry and products sold on this site were threaded and beaded together by female sex trafficking survivors at the Shakti Samuha shelter and workshop.

Each purchase lists the name of the girl, so match the name on your purchase to the names below to learn a little bit more about their dreams and aspirations. You'll notice faces are intentionally not shown for the girls safety.

  • Kopila - age 15

    She dreams of being a social worker to help other girls like herself get rescued

  • Sita - age 14

    Loves dancing and wants to be a police woman when she grows up 

  • Pranita - age 16

    At 16, she knows she wants to be a doctor focused on helping survivors

  • Prakriti - age 18

    Her favorite color is pink and she loves to sing

  • Usha - age 15

    She loves drama and would like to be a social worker

  • Sabina - age 14

    She wants to be a police woman and loves the color red rose

  • Kanchi - age 30

    Wants to take jewelry making to the next level and become a business woman

  • Anita - age 15

    Her hobby is singing and loves the color pink

  • Gita - age 15

    She loves her job and wants to start teaching tailoring to others in the shelter 

  • Sapana - age 16

    Dancing and visting new places being her hobby she aims to be a doctor

  • Ranju - age 15

    She wants to be a nurse and loves reading as well as dancing

  • Mayalu - age 14

    She studies every day to help her achieve her dreams of being a police officer 

Meet Sunita - our inspiration and the SHEro who is changing the future one girl at a time

 “I will be happy only on the day when the human trafficking will stop throughout the world” - Sunita Danuwar

At 14 years old, Sunita Danuwar was trafficked. Spending 11 years, entertaining 20+ men a day in the Mumbai brothels, she was rescued in 1996 when an Indian police raided her brothel. When she escaped, Sunita decided that no other human should have to tolerate what she went through, and founded Shakti Samuha.

15 years later, and Sunita remains the President of Shakti, working as a counselor and teacher for the rescued girls and women, and a driving force behind the policy and strategic development of human trafficking efforts worldwide.

“Banau is the perfect partnership for Shakti Samuha. Our mission is to provide the resources for our members to live a dignified life, reintegrated into the society that they were unwillingly taken from. One of the main ways to do that is through income generating and skills based programs that create a sustainable livelihood for our girls. When you buy a necklace or scarf, a few things happen: girls are rewarded for their efforts, we’re able to invest in more programming to prevent others from being trafficked, and we’re creating awareness worldwide for an issue rarely talked about.”