There are approximately 20 to 30 million slaves in the world today. Banau was created to help fight human trafficking through girl empowerment.

“Banau” means “let’s create,” in Nepali and that’s exactly what we’re doing. Through economic empowerment, we’re creating opportunities for survivors of human trafficking and giving them the vocational training and educational support to create their own futures and thrive.

As part of their training, the girls learn the craft of jewelry-making so they can earn an income and gain respect. Even more, the girls develop confidence in their abilities and attain self-worth. Banau provides the online marketplace to purchase these artisan products handmade by the survivors. 

100% of the profits are reinvested into the Nepali communities we work with, funding after school programs and vocational training.

Banau: Create. Educate. Reward. Let’s create the change together.