Meet Maya - turning tears into power

"I want to be a lawyer to seek justice so that all the bad guys get put in prison." Maya was born in a rural village, 5 hours outside of the bustling Nepal city, Kathmandu. When her mom passed away, and her younger sister got sick, Maya was forced to quit school at age 13, and work in the community building houses out of cinderblocks. Making a mere $1/month, Maya was desperate and vulnerable for a better life. "We were so poor and I wanted to do anything to help my sister," Maya said. "When my moms friend told me about a great job in Kathmandu washing dishes for a wealthy family," I was excited to be able to give back to my family, and work in safe, conditions."


Maya is the handycraft workshop manger for Shaki Samua, an organization that we praise and support for their work preventing trafficking, and caring for survivors.

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